Precision Gears and Machine Parts

for 100 years

Precision Gears and Machine Parts

| FOR 100 YEARS |

How can we serve you?

Engineering & design

Our talented machinists love to create highly engineered, thoughtfully designed machined parts and gears for our customers.

CNC turning, milling & cutting

With decades of experience, we can turn, mill and cut just about anything you need for your operation.

Heat treating

Let our experts bring out the very best in your material using a variety of heat treating processes.

Grinding & welding

Trust your expertly finished part with the services of our precision grinding and welding teams.

Since 1923

Our history

In 1923 Progressive Engineering was founded, focused on supplying engineering and manufacturing services for presses, stitchers, and a variety of other printing equipment.

Over the course of the 20th century, we expanded our engineering and machine shop capabilities outside the printing industry, serving local customers with high-quality machined parts for both original and replacement applications…